One-on-one Coaching

Trina Dorrah, MD, MPH

Certified Life Coach

Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

I Help Women In Medicine Create A Life They Actually Enjoy Living.

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, coaching can help you. 

Coaching Saves Lives

I found life coaching when I was at a low point in my career. I was burned out and I dreaded going to work each day. I felt like I was struggling at work and at home. I was a mom, wife, and physician, but I didn't feel like I had the energy to do any of those roles well.

Then, I hired a life coach and things changed. I realized that I actually have more control over my life than I initially thought. Through coaching, I learned that even small shifts in my thinking or my actions could produce the results I wanted.

Create Your Best Life

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If You're Ready To Create A Life That's More Than Just "Okay", I Can Help You. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Your 6-Week One-on-One Coaching Package And Your 12-Week Program Which Is Called ENOUGH?

How Much Time Will I Have To Complete The 6 Sessions?

I realize it's not always possible to meet each week. That's why you will have 12 weeks to complete your 6 coaching sessions. 

I'm A Physician. Do You Offer CME For Your 6 Session One-on-One Coaching Package?

Yes. CME is offered. This experience is powered by CMEfy – an AI-powered platform that directs learners along a pathway to capture reflections at the point of inspiration, point of care. Clinicians may earn CME/CE credit via ReflectCE, the accredited activity portal. Learn more at 

Do You Offer Refunds On Your 6-Week One-on-One Coaching Package?

Yes. I offer refunds if requested for any unused coaching sessions

Do You Only Coach Women In Medicine?

No. Although I do exclusively coach women, you do not have to work in medicine for me to coach you. I've been in the medical field for 23 years, so I know it well. However, the coaching skills I use are general life coaching skills that help regardless of your profession. 

Next Steps

Don't see a time on my schedule that works for you? Send me an email ( with the subject line "I'm Interested In Coaching", and I'll get back with you to schedule a time that works for you.